A Day at the Salon

The Chicagoan Magazine rises from the ashes like a phoenix, soaring with wings spread magnificently across… Ummm… Let’s just leave the heavy writing to the professionals, shall we? We were lucky enough to do a very special dinner recently with one of those aforementioned professionals, JC Gabel, Editor in Chief and Publisher of the not-for-profit … Continue reading


Some of the most fun and creative stuff we do is in collaboration with other artists, chefs, cooks, farmers and producers, talkers, shakers and movers, musicians, used car salesman or various streetwalking schizophrenics.  If you’ve got an absolutely insane idea that has no reason to exist beyond art, a good time or a spectacle, let’s … Continue reading

Recipe: Underground Dinner

Serves about 12. You will need: -One small Wrigleyville apartment -Crappy IKEA tabletops on makeshift legs with several floor cushions for seating -One tiny kitchen with an ill-placed and undersized sink. -Whatever utensils, pots and pans your single, college-aged friends can scrape together. -One portable dishwasher with a much-too-small bucket as a drain. -One outside … Continue reading

Links Hall THAW Benefit: An Evening of Hot Ballyhoo

For 4 years running, X-marx has played a small part as a supporter of a great organization for performing arts and dance in Chicago called Links Hall.  This year, we’re especially excited for the opportunity to show our support again at the upcoming Links Hall THAW benefit as the sole food sponsor! Links Hall is … Continue reading

4th Annual X-marx All-Hallows Eve Recap

Heyo, Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We sure did… and we even remembered to take some pictures this time!  Thanks to Matthew Kutz for that. Halloween is a very special time for X and the boys.  The costumes, the creepiness, the excuse to create really naughty stuff and freak people out.  I mean… I’m … Continue reading

A Dream Team for the Thanking

Even though that time of year is creeping up on us, we know that it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to give thanks.  There are so many great people around us, helping us out with their sweat or special skills, it would be insane to try and name them all.  But here’s just a quick … Continue reading


Welcome to the X-marx blog! So, why an X-marx blog? One of our missions when we started X-marx was to create a communal dining experience, where meals were as much about social interaction as well as damned good food.  We’ve always aimed to open up the X-marx experience to new and repeat diners, full and … Continue reading