Recipe: Underground Dinner

Serves about 12. You will need: -One small Wrigleyville apartment -Crappy IKEA tabletops on makeshift legs with several floor cushions for seating -One tiny kitchen with an ill-placed and undersized sink. -Whatever utensils, pots and pans your single, college-aged friends can scrape together. -One portable dishwasher with a much-too-small bucket as a drain. -One outside … Continue reading

Vanillarama Mama!

What are you looking at?  Doesn’t everyone buy 16 liters of aged Bourbon at a time? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.  When we couldn’t find a vanilla extract that suited our needs, it was time to get guerrilla on it.  Knowing that Roderick Markus from Rare Tea Cellar had just … Continue reading

Yes, we CAN!

The great thing about having access to an amazing rooftop garden like Alison’s is all the fresh, organic produce we get to eat, cook and enjoy.  The difficult thing is figuring out what to do with it all.  Or, maybe that’s one of the great things too. Canning, when done with care and creativity, is … Continue reading

The Make-up of a Mash-up: w/ Recipe Karella Relleno

Often we receive inquiries from guests regarding our motivations and inspirations for creating certain dining events and dishes.  We love that, actually, because it means you’re interested in what we’re doing and we couldn’t be happier.  You want to know what makes us tick; or maybe moreso, you want to know if we’re nuts or … Continue reading