Links Hall THAW Benefit: An Evening of Hot Ballyhoo

For 4 years running, X-marx has played a small part as a supporter of a great organization for performing arts and dance in Chicago called Links Hall.  This year, we’re especially excited for the opportunity to show our support again at the upcoming Links Hall THAW benefit as the sole food sponsor! Links Hall is … Continue reading

Uno… Dose Tres!

The only more obvious thing than the fact that Uno’s Pizzeria missed out on an awesome marketing opportunity (See: title of this post), is that Dose Tres is going to be another gluttonous coupling of all things food and fashion.  Each month, the Dose Divas manage to spice things up to new levels with a … Continue reading

Wúcháng Clan in da (Tea) House!

Hello! We are very excited to announce our latest Pop-up event! On the heels of the hit sensation that was last month’s first ever Dose Market, this month we’re coming back to collaborate with one of perhaps the most extraordinary seekers, blenders and purveyors of high-end teas, Rare Tea Cellar, to present Wúcháng Tea House! … Continue reading

How’s it Growin’

Getting into the “spring” of things yesterday, we decided to make a stop by Alison’s Organic Rooftop Garden in nearby Lincoln Park to survey those long-awaited greens we knew would be shooting up there around this time.  As you can see from the pics, she had a great crop of fresh goodies for us to … Continue reading

Come and get your Dose!

Kicking off June 5th at the River East Art Center,  Dose Market is a brand new, monthly market featuring  Chicago’s hottest purveyors of food, fashion and design…and us!  Now that the weather has finally heated up enough to bust out the sleeveless wardrobe, we will be there at the inaugural installation serving up Sichuan Style … Continue reading


For one night only, we are turning Perman Wine Selections into Txakoholika (Cho-co-holika) a Basque style Pintxos bar. Pintxo is a Basque term used for finger foods, usually a couple bites in size to accompany your Txakoli or hard apple cider. We will be putting our own X twists on Pintxos for the evening. Octopus … Continue reading

Get into the Bowl

Over the course of our journey through China and Hong Kong we encountered many forms of noodles and dumplings. It seemed that on every corner the was a small shop specializing in some form of delicious dough manipulation. From brothy to saucy, hand pulled to shaved,  with condiments from chili oil with numbing hua jiao … Continue reading

A Day in the Life

Every once in a while, someone will ask us “So, what do you guys do on your days off?”  We usually respond, “Day off?  What the hell is that?”  Kidding aside, for the most part, our lives revolve around and are driven by all things edible.  So even when we are not preparing for dinner … Continue reading

Pop Rockin’ Eats

We’ve been having a really great time poppin’ up at different locations and reinventing the wheel each time out with new spots and new menus.  Birchwood was a blast.  Pannenkoeken was more fun than it was difficult to spell.  But Lord I was born a ramblin’ man, so we’re rambling along to a new spot!  … Continue reading

The Experience

    As X-marx continues to grow and develop, we are constantly testing and challenging ideas, thoughts and beliefs relating to cooking, dining and cuisine. One of the reasons that we got out of the traditional restaurant format was to stray away from the isolated individual eating experience. When we brainstorm, shop, cook and create … Continue reading