Yes, we CAN!

The great thing about having access to an amazing rooftop garden like Alison’s is all the fresh, organic produce we get to eat, cook and enjoy.  The difficult thing is figuring out what to do with it all.  Or, maybe that’s one of the great things too. Canning, when done with care and creativity, is … Continue reading

Uno… Dose Tres!

The only more obvious thing than the fact that Uno’s Pizzeria missed out on an awesome marketing opportunity (See: title of this post), is that Dose Tres is going to be another gluttonous coupling of all things food and fashion.  Each month, the Dose Divas manage to spice things up to new levels with a … Continue reading

How’s it Growin’

Getting into the “spring” of things yesterday, we decided to make a stop by Alison’s Organic Rooftop Garden in nearby Lincoln Park to survey those long-awaited greens we knew would be shooting up there around this time.  As you can see from the pics, she had a great crop of fresh goodies for us to … Continue reading