Some of the most fun and creative stuff we do is in collaboration with other artists, chefs, cooks, farmers and producers, talkers, shakers and movers, musicians, used car salesman or various streetwalking schizophrenics.  If you’ve got an absolutely insane idea that has no reason to exist beyond art, a good time or a spectacle, let’s … Continue reading

Recipe: Underground Dinner

Serves about 12. You will need: -One small Wrigleyville apartment -Crappy IKEA tabletops on makeshift legs with several floor cushions for seating -One tiny kitchen with an ill-placed and undersized sink. -Whatever utensils, pots and pans your single, college-aged friends can scrape together. -One portable dishwasher with a much-too-small bucket as a drain. -One outside … Continue reading

PDC: A Tribute

Fronted by the “Wild Quebecoise Chef” Martin Picard, Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon is a palace of pork, a fortress of foie, a heart stopping bourbon soaked culinary dreamland.   Their “Poutine au Foie” –poutine of salty French fries, gooey cheese curds, fatty seared foie gras. topped with a creamy foie gravy- is the dish that … Continue reading

All Hallows Aftermath

Now that we’re all taking down the decorations and putting the costumes away, cleaning off the last smears of the make-up and pulling the last of the spider webs from our hair, we just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that came to X-marx’s 3rd Annual All Hallows Eve Junket.  We personally have … Continue reading