That Mama is All Kinds of Nuts!

Well, it’s been a really crazy and exciting couple of weeks for us here at X-marx headquarters in our super secret culinary control room.  We’ve got all kinds of tricks and treats planned, and even some stuff that we’re not actually allowed to talk about yet (Yup!).  But it’s been an especially exciting time for … Continue reading

Wild mushroom season gives us …

It’s 9:35 am on the Wednesday morning before our Indian Indian Summer market dinner.  For this particular dinner we are fusing Indian flavor profiles and techniques with new American and French sensibilities.  Being that we’re at the time of year when seasonal goodness sort of fuses itself together we want to highlight the “now” in … Continue reading

Madison Market Inspirations

On a recent trip to Madison for a little R&R we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of one of the best local farmer’s markets that we have ever been to! Vendors were selling tons of local Mid-Western produce and artisanal sheep and goat cheeses (and of course cow), plus new exotics like sea … Continue reading