Some of the most fun and creative stuff we do is in collaboration with other artists, chefs, cooks, farmers and producers, talkers, shakers and movers, musicians, used car salesman or various streetwalking schizophrenics.  If you’ve got an absolutely insane idea that has no reason to exist beyond art, a good time or a spectacle, let’s … Continue reading

Recipe: Underground Dinner

Serves about 12. You will need: -One small Wrigleyville apartment -Crappy IKEA tabletops on makeshift legs with several floor cushions for seating -One tiny kitchen with an ill-placed and undersized sink. -Whatever utensils, pots and pans your single, college-aged friends can scrape together. -One portable dishwasher with a much-too-small bucket as a drain. -One outside … Continue reading

That Mama is All Kinds of Nuts!

Well, it’s been a really crazy and exciting couple of weeks for us here at X-marx headquarters in our super secret culinary control room.  We’ve got all kinds of tricks and treats planned, and even some stuff that we’re not actually allowed to talk about yet (Yup!).  But it’s been an especially exciting time for … Continue reading

A Dream Team for the Thanking

Even though that time of year is creeping up on us, we know that it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to give thanks.  There are so many great people around us, helping us out with their sweat or special skills, it would be insane to try and name them all.  But here’s just a quick … Continue reading

The Make-up of a Mash-up: w/ Recipe Karella Relleno

Often we receive inquiries from guests regarding our motivations and inspirations for creating certain dining events and dishes.  We love that, actually, because it means you’re interested in what we’re doing and we couldn’t be happier.  You want to know what makes us tick; or maybe moreso, you want to know if we’re nuts or … Continue reading

A Day in the Life

Every once in a while, someone will ask us “So, what do you guys do on your days off?”  We usually respond, “Day off?  What the hell is that?”  Kidding aside, for the most part, our lives revolve around and are driven by all things edible.  So even when we are not preparing for dinner … Continue reading

The Hunt

Coming back from shopping on Thursday we heard an NPR interview with René Redzepi of Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. In case you have been living under a rock, these guys knocked Ferran of el Bulli off of his high horse of ::drumroll:: The Best Restaurant In The World! This particular discussion was about how Redzepi’s team conceptualizes … Continue reading

The Experience

    As X-marx continues to grow and develop, we are constantly testing and challenging ideas, thoughts and beliefs relating to cooking, dining and cuisine. One of the reasons that we got out of the traditional restaurant format was to stray away from the isolated individual eating experience. When we brainstorm, shop, cook and create … Continue reading