That Mama is All Kinds of Nuts!

Well, it’s been a really crazy and exciting couple of weeks for us here at X-marx headquarters in our super secret culinary control room.  We’ve got all kinds of tricks and treats planned, and even some stuff that we’re not actually allowed to talk about yet (Yup!).  But it’s been an especially exciting time for … Continue reading

Vanillarama Mama!

What are you looking at?  Doesn’t everyone buy 16 liters of aged Bourbon at a time? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.  When we couldn’t find a vanilla extract that suited our needs, it was time to get guerrilla on it.  Knowing that Roderick Markus from Rare Tea Cellar had just … Continue reading

Uno… Dose Tres!

The only more obvious thing than the fact that Uno’s Pizzeria missed out on an awesome marketing opportunity (See: title of this post), is that Dose Tres is going to be another gluttonous coupling of all things food and fashion.  Each month, the Dose Divas manage to spice things up to new levels with a … Continue reading

Wúcháng Clan in da (Tea) House!

Hello! We are very excited to announce our latest Pop-up event! On the heels of the hit sensation that was last month’s first ever Dose Market, this month we’re coming back to collaborate with one of perhaps the most extraordinary seekers, blenders and purveyors of high-end teas, Rare Tea Cellar, to present Wúcháng Tea House! … Continue reading