Wúcháng Clan in da (Tea) House!

Hello! We are very excited to announce our latest Pop-up event! On the heels of the hit sensation that was last month’s first ever Dose Market, this month we’re coming back to collaborate with one of perhaps the most extraordinary seekers, blenders and purveyors of high-end teas, Rare Tea Cellar, to present Wúcháng Tea House! … Continue reading

Get into the Bowl

Over the course of our journey through China and Hong Kong we encountered many forms of noodles and dumplings. It seemed that on every corner the was a small shop specializing in some form of delicious dough manipulation. From brothy to saucy, hand pulled to shaved,  with condiments from chili oil with numbing hua jiao … Continue reading

Tasty Treats and Edible Beasts From A to Z (almost)

Abalone- Live in Saikung, HK Fresh Abalone in Custard with Sweet Savory Sauce- Chengdu, Sichuan Province   Fresh Abalone with Tangerine Peel and Green Onion -Saikung HK   Blowfish “Chowder”  with Daikon and Prickly Skin – Yu Bo Family Restaurant – Chengdu   Cuttlefish-Prehistoric looking huh?       Stir-fried Cuttlefish with Garlic, Bean Paste … Continue reading

China is the spot for Food, but Sichuan is the spot for Flavor!

This here is a collection of some of our favorite “Homestyle” dishes that we encountered in Chengdu.  We will be rifting on and recreating some of these for our upcoming dinners Comfortably Numb. Although known for its street snacks and lavish banquet menus, Sichuan cuisine’s heart and soul lies within it’s “Homestyle” preparations.  These rich … Continue reading

A Glimpse of Spring From the Other Side of the World

Xiao Chi

Xiao Chi or “Little eats” are a way of life here within the food culture of Chengdu. There are a multitude of these snack-y bits everywhere. Xiao Chi can be small bowls of noodles(more on that later), gooey sticky doughnuts,  grilled skewers of anything you can imagine from duck hearts to lettuce heads to lotus … Continue reading

Little Trouble, Big China

Touchdown Chengdu. After over 24 straight hours of traveling, we found ourselves in the future. We are 14 hours ahead of Chicago. Doc Brown watch your back! After a quick check-in at the hotel we hit the streets in desperate need of some serious sustenance. We were in search of the closest, cheapest, heartiest,  beer-rific … Continue reading

China Chowdown 2011

As some of you may or may not know, we are gearing up and preparing for our upcoming culinary travels in China. We will be studying at the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine for two weeks and eating our way through Hong Kong and Macau for one.  Throughout our time there we will be eating, … Continue reading