What we are …

X-marx is a boundless and continuously evolving exploration of food and flavor.  We are focused on developing strong human bonds through unique dining experiences.

What we do …

We take high-end, modern, globally-influenced food out of the restaurant and present it in a relaxed, social environment.

We use the freshest ingredients, from familiar to exotic and absolutely every dish is made from scratch.

Each dinner is a unique, food-centric event.  We take the classic approach to dining and transform it into an experience where strangers and foodies join together to interact and savor.

X-marx offers the amenities of an upscale restaurant without any of the pretense.  Leave your expectations at the door.

X-marx events typically fall into the following categories:

Pop-Up We take over an existing restaurant for the evening to present an A la Carte service in addition to our seasonal tasting menu. Expect the same mad styles with a new format.  Join one of our seatings for the full tasting menu, or pop in to share some appetizers and entrees with friends.  Maybe even just come for dessert.  Restaurant-style service; full on X-marx flavor. Wine and cocktails available for purchase, $10 corkage for table if you BYOB. Reservations and walk-ins welcome.

X-Markets are 5-6 course dining events. Each week we shop in a different neighborhood of the city. We find the freshest most inspiring ingredients of the area and bring to you a dinner full of improvisation, spontaneity, and a reflection of the culture and flavors of the respective neighborhood.  These can be plated, served family style or a combination of both.

Junkets are pre-planned multi-coursed meals where the dishes have been tested and developed usually revolving around a specific theme. Expect 7-9 courses of refined playfulness.

ComaToast Brunch is a plated 5 course hangover cure starting with wicked hot bloody marys, and ending in an over the top gut-buster to turn your hangover into a food coma.  Expect decadent twists on classic brunch food.  Past menus have included: Lobster and Grits, Foie Gras Wonton ala Jimmy Dean, Corn and Scallion Waffles topped with Pulled Pork and Jalapeño Jam, and Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes with Sweet Cream Semi-Freddo.

X-marx events are all BYOB with no corkage fee unless otherwise specified.

How it works:

Reservations: Reservations for all X-marx events are first come, first served.  All reservations are handled online and are not complete until you receive a confirmation email.  Please let us know of any dietary restrictions in your party (religious, allergy or life-choice).

Donation: The suggested donation covers your share of the cost for the event and includes corkage unless otherwise noted.  Gratuity is not included in the donation and the service should be valued as you would in another fine dining situation.

Sign up for our mailing list!  Or contact us at info@xmarxchicago with any comments or questions.

X-marx Disclaimer: X-marx is without a doubt, an adventurous dining experience. From exotic plants and animals, to the hottest chilies on the planet, you may expect to indulge in some extreme cuisine with us but not always! Please make us aware of any dietary restrictions or food allergies your party may have upon making a reservation.



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