A Day at the Salon

The Chicagoan Magazine rises from the ashes like a phoenix, soaring with wings spread magnificently across… Ummm… Let’s just leave the heavy writing to the professionals, shall we?

We were lucky enough to do a very special dinner recently with one of those aforementioned professionals, JC Gabel, Editor in Chief and Publisher of the not-for-profit Chicagoan Magazine.  We won’t bore you with the details as we went over it in a previous post here.  But we do want to say “Thanks” to all of those involved, both our collaborators and our guests, and let you all in on a bit of what you missed.  Enjoy!

Credit to Cathy Sunu for all photos:

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We took our inspiration for each dish from specific articles from the inaugural edition of the magazine.

Our menu:

This was a very special type of event indeed and much of the credit for that is due to our host, Mr. JC Steinbrunner, an extremely talented artist in his own right, for the sheer brilliance of what he does.  The Salon Series is a wonderful concept bringing artists and their admirers together in a way that is much too rare.  Even dining at communal tables, while it certainly promotes getting to know your neighbor as the root “commune” would suggest, the participation of each individual in a diverse room that is the crux of the Salon brings the group experience to a whole other level.  It truly engages body (good food), mind (good conversation), heart (good art!) and community (good people) in a rich, unique and shared experience.  We hope to be a part of many more.

Our thanks to those amazing people who made this possible.  Without each of you, this evening is not nearly the success that it was:

The Salon Series

JC Steinbrunner


The Chicagoan

JC Gabel



Cathy Sunu


Erika Dufour


Floral & Event Planning

Hilary Schwartz


5 Rabbit Cerveceria







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