Links Hall THAW Benefit: An Evening of Hot Ballyhoo

For 4 years running, X-marx has played a small part as a supporter of a great organization for performing arts and dance in Chicago called Links Hall.  This year, we’re especially excited for the opportunity to show our support again at the upcoming Links Hall THAW benefit as the sole food sponsor!

Links Hall is “Chicago’s intimate home for independent dance and performance” and they’re putting together what is slated to be an unbelievable evening full of performances, collaborations, good times, fine adult beverages, and yes, Hot Ballyhoo.  Featured performances from The Open Space Project, Happy Collaborationists and many others will provide spectacles of dance and performance wonderment throughout the evening.

See what you missed at 2010′s event here…

X-marx will be feeding the frenzy and possibly collaborating in a couple performances, so keep your ears and taste buds peeled.  We’ll be posting developments during the lead up to the event, so follow @xmarxchicago or #thaw2012 for insights into the madness.  As a teaser, here’s three words:  Neapolitan excavation site.

Also, serving suds for the open bar throughout the evening will be the crafty beer geniuses at Revolution Brewery on tap and the philanthro-holics from Hornswaggler Arts on cocktails.

So, come hang out and have an amazing time while also helping keep performance art and education a spectacle in Chicago.  We’ll see you there!



Links Hall THAW: A Night of Hot Ballyhoo

Buy tickets: $30 in advance, $40 at the door

Thursday, March 22nd, 6:30-11:30pm

Dank Haus, 4740 N Western Ave



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  1. ala_kadarnya says:

    wow.. likethizz…. wonderfull

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