4th Annual X-marx All-Hallows Eve Recap


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  We sure did… and we even remembered to take some pictures this time!  Thanks to Matthew Kutz for that.

Halloween is a very special time for X and the boys.  The costumes, the creepiness, the excuse to create really naughty stuff and freak people out.  I mean… I’m sayin’…

This year, we transformed Frankentiques into an old-school 50’s Sock Hop set in a high school cafeteria.  We decked it out with streamers, a disco ball, linoleum tile dance floor, a school bus in the front window and whatever else we could find to set the scene.  Our costumes were also over the top this year in keeping with the theme.  We wanted to do Classic Movie Monsters -but still be the high school faculty – and do it with the usual X-marx twist.  We had Homeroom Teacher Mummy, School Secretary Bride of Frankenstein, Principal Frankenstein, Gym Teacher Wolfman, the Class Clown Fonzula (kind of a cross between Fonzie and Dracula), and School Nurse Ratched.  Take a look at the pics below to see what you missed!

More pics to take in the madness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up!

Chow -X

All photos courtesy of Matthew Kutz Photography


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