That Mama is All Kinds of Nuts!

Well, it’s been a really crazy and exciting couple of weeks for us here at X-marx headquarters in our super secret culinary control room.  We’ve got all kinds of tricks and treats planned, and even some stuff that we’re not actually allowed to talk about yet (Yup!).  But it’s been an especially exciting time for Chef Adrienne, who recently saw her vision of having a venue to produce her very special Mama’s Nuts! and make them available to people all over come true!

Chef Adrienne has been making her Mama’s 30-year old peanut brittle recipe, and also some unique and interesting variations of her own, for a few years.  Up to this point she’s mostly given it away as gifts for friends and family, and last year as parting treats for some of our lucky guests.  But this year she’s been working really hard to make her dream a reality -in addition to working her butt off in the X-marx kitchen and making sure we don’t light ourselves on fire!

So, now Mama’s  Nuts! has a web site with her story and an online store, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, spiffy new packaging and the ability to deliver anywhere in the US.  Whoooaaaa Mama, is right!  Chef Adrienne has been making her awesome treats for a while now, and even started making her own vanilla extract for it, finally launching the line at September’s Dose Market to great praise.  Pretty soon she’ll have it available at a few select stores in the Chicago area, as well.  See the web site for upcoming details on that!  And also, check out some of the well-deserved press she’s been getting for it early on here and here.




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