A Dream Team for the Thanking

Even though that time of year is creeping up on us, we know that it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to give thanks.  There are so many great people around us, helping us out with their sweat or special skills, it would be insane to try and name them all.  But here’s just a quick shout out to a few special individuals who really deserve a giant Mechagodzilla-laser-beam-sized spotlight shone on them for what they’ve done for us recently.   Anyone who’s missing, you know who you are, and we appreciate you, as well.

Mark “Aphelion Z” Henderson:   Mark is, simply put, an amazing individual and a superscientifical genius on the web.  He recently left behind a lucrative career in web-design-techy-stuff-we-don’t-know-about-because-it’s-over-our-heads to live below the poverty line in one of the three poorest counties in the US in South Dakota volunteering for Americorps VISTA.  Right now, he’s helping them out with everything he can to try and give these kids a better life.  When we asked him if he could help us design the Mama’s Nuts! web site, he said “no problem –but donate all the cash to the Boys and Girls Club I’m working with.”  I mean… he’s making us all look bad with that kind of generosity!  All kidding aside, he’s a great guy who built the Mama’s site from scratch, for peanuts -literally!  And the project he’s working on down there is a wonderful opportunity for these kids living in a community that could really use a lift.  Please check them out and maybe donate a few bucks.  Just a little goes a looong way in keeping their lights on and the phone ringing so they can keep providing these kids with the help they need.

Charlie “Chas” and Alison “Mama Al” Lo:  Any of you who have been to a dinner –pretty much ever- will probably recognize Charlie and Alison.  They are the smiling faces at the end of your table who are happy to talk food, music and Chinese medicine with any and all comers.  We won’t even attempt to enumerate the ways that they keep us running and support us, but we simply could not do it without them.  And next time you see Mama Al, maybe you can thank her for the incred-elicious produce she grows in her organic rooftop garden that was probably featured in some portion of your meal.  (More on Mama Al in another post)

Michael “Simz” Simoneau.  Simz is a rare talent.  Since he was a kid he was doodling funny pictures and dreaming about Macintosh (Not the ones we dream about.  The electrical kind with buttons).  He’s an AMAZING graphic artist, a well-informed eater, and an all-around awesome guy who does way more work for us for basically free than we could ever pay back in peanut brittle and free dinners.  If we ever look good, in a poster, on the web, or on a business card, it’s because of him.

Rich “The Translator” Goldstein:  As you may have witnessed yourself at one point or another, contracts are written in gibberish meant to confuse everyone but lawyers.  Lucky for us, Rich is fluent in gibberish.  And he can even put it into terms that our overcooked brains can understand!  Truth is, we wish the world were a simpler place where we could just cook what we like and leave the doors open for people to drop by whenever they want.  Reality is, there are laws, contracts, leases and bear traps involved.   Thank Holy Martha Stewart that we’ve got a guy in our corner like Rich.

This is not in any way a comprehensive list.  We’re certainly leaving some people out here, and we don’t want anyone to think we don’t appreciate what you do and what you mean to us.  We love the people we work with, come in contact with daily and all the guests we see at our dinners.  We are constantly blown away by the talent, generosity, personalities and attitudes of all the people we’re lucky enough to know, and without you all X-marx does not exist.  Period.   And when we put the word “period” at the end of a sentence that already has one, you know it’s serious.  Thanks.




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