Vanillarama Mama!

What are you looking at?  Doesn’t everyone buy 16 liters of aged Bourbon at a time?

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.  When we couldn’t find a vanilla extract that suited our needs, it was time to get guerrilla on it.  Knowing that Roderick Markus from Rare Tea Cellar had just gotten this year’s crop of absolutely killer Grade A Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla beans, and just the fact that we’d always wanted an excuse to procure an obscene amount of Bourbon, it was time to get busy gettin’ busy.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1:  Call up Rod and ask if you can come by his shop and just sniff the hell out of everything in stock.  Seriously.  There are a LOT of great things to smell and wonder over in there, from several different styles of Grade A Vanillas, to mushrooms, teas and exotic spices and ingredients.  He’s got some amazing stuff for your tongue and nostrils.  We settled on these two sexy little guys from Tahiti and Madagascar.  We liked the floral and tropical notes they had to the aroma, and you really just can’t find a better looking/smelling bean anywhere.

Step 2:  Buy a boatload of Bourbon.  It has enough alcohol to do the job, it’s usually aged and mature, and it’s got a great backdrop of complex flavors to blend with the vanilla as they meld together into a virtual liquid supergroup the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Travelling Wilburys.

Step 3:  Soak.  Introduce them to each other by their first names to set a casual tone.  Put them in a pot together.  Play some soft background music and turn out the lights.  They’ll be good friends by morning.

Step 4:  Fast spinning blades.  Blend thoroughly with the power of technology.  You want it to incorporate thoroughly, but not so much or so long at a time that it starts to heat up.

Step 5:  Put your liquid into something sterile, dark and with a tight-fitting lid.  Preferably a brown glass bottle stored in a dark place where light can’t mess with it.  Wait.

Step 6:  Keep waiting.  Probably for about 6 weeks at least.

Step 7:  Strain and make awesome and delicious treats for your family and friends.  Yum.

And that’s how you take matters into your own hands.  Chuck Norris had his method of taking things into his own hands, this is ours.

If you want to see what we’re doing with our extract, come check us out at Dose Market on Sunday September 25 from 10am-4pm where we’ll be officially launching the entire Mama’s Nuts! line.  We’ll have tons of free samples and bags of goodies for sale!


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