Uno… Dose Tres!

The only more obvious thing than the fact that Uno’s Pizzeria missed out on an awesome marketing opportunity (See: title of this post), is that Dose Tres is going to be another gluttonous coupling of all things food and fashion.  Each month, the Dose Divas manage to spice things up to new levels with a virtual “who’s who” list of outstanding local vendors, and this third installment is no exception.

We’d be going even if we weren’t dishing up the goods for hungry market-goers, but this month we’ll be hitting you up with some splendid summertime salads.  Loaded up with veggies, greens and herbs from Alison’s Organic Rooftop Garden and Seedling stone fruits, we’re coming fresher than an 8th grader’s mouth when his parents aren’t listening.

X-marx menu for Dose will consist of three super-sexy salads:

  • Seedling Italian plums with roasted beets, beet greens, arugula, smoked balsamic and pecorino cheese.
  • Our legendary Thai peach salad- Seedling peaches, burnt chili, Thai basil, sunflower shoots, cashew, calamansi and coconut.
  • Numbing Sichuan style cucumber, eggplant and bok choy with soy-sesame vinaigrette.

All items are vegetarian, and can be made vegan and gluten free.

Check out the goods below in these photos from Alison’s Garden:



One Response to “Uno… Dose Tres!”
  1. April says:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait!

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