Wúcháng Clan in da (Tea) House!


We are very excited to announce our latest Pop-up event!

On the heels of the hit sensation that was last month’s first ever Dose Market, this month we’re coming back to collaborate with one of perhaps the most extraordinary seekers, blenders and purveyors of high-end teas, Rare Tea Cellar, to present Wúcháng Tea House!

When we met Roderick Markus of Rare Tea Cellar and tasted his extraordinary teas, we knew exactly what was next for us at Dose Market: Wúcháng: A Temporary Tea House in the River East Arts Center.  So, this Sunday, in a sunny spot right by the Chicago River and just on the edge of the European-style Dose Market with all its amazing wares, will be a tiny oasis of food and tea for the weary shopper or the curious city dweller. And with a little help from friends Rare Tea Cellar, Belles and Thistles and Sleeping is for Suckers, Wúcháng is sure to be awesome!

The inspiration for this event comes from our time in Chengdu Province, China, where we witnessed the vibrant tea culture first hand.  Around the Buddhist temples that we visited there were dozens of food stalls each specializing in one or two Xiao Chi (snacks, or small bites).  Each stall had something wonderful to offer, whether sweet or savory, spicy or mild, a range for any palette; and affordable too, so you could easily try at least 5-8  Xiao Chi and have a range of flavors and textures to enjoy with your tea.

Within the walls of some temples such as Wu Shen and Wenshu, we discovered large outdoor communal tea houses where family and friends would come gather and sit for hours conversing and playing Mahjong, eating their Xiao Chi, and of course sipping beautifully fragrant Jasmine and Chrysanthemum sun teas with plump gogi berries and lotus seeds. We felt it a shame that there wasn’t something like this that we could go and waste the day away at (not that we have time). Unfortunately, with the fast pace of American city life, places like this just really aren’t a priority in our culture. However, for a short time anyway, we can offer this experience to you guys! This is why we’ve chosen the name “Wúcháng” which means “beautiful impermanence.”

We are not sure if this will be happening again, so be sure to come visit Dose this Sunday and get a taste. The market runs from10am-4pm and will feature some of the most outstanding designers, artists and foodists that Chicagoland has to offer.

Get tickets online ($8) or at the door ($10).

To eat:

– Steamed shiitake and lotus bun
– Smoked tofu with five flavored peanut
– Savory lapsang souchong custard with pickled chilies and black vinegar
– Hand-cut cold noodles with fresh greens and sweet soy
– Juntun flaky pastry with scallion
– Milk tea panna cotta
– Rare Tea Cellar triple berry blend tea-marinated pineapple on a skewer with mint sugar
– Macau rice crisps

To drink:

– 2009 Emperor’s Aged Keemun (Anhui, China) — one grade higher than what the Queen of England drinks
– Magnolia Blossom Oolong (Fujian, China) — scented with wild magnolia blossoms
– 2001 Vintage Oak Barrel Aged Pu-erh (Yunnan, China) — the ultimate digestif
– Emperor’s Jasmine Pearls (Fujian, China) — scented 9 times with fresh jasmine flowers
– Emperor’s Dragonwell (Hangzhou,  China) — picked 2 days a year
– Emperor’s White Dragon (Anhui, China) — top-grade silver needle
– Ancient Tea Tree Flowers Plot #9 (Yunnan, China) — a soothing herbal elixir
– Rare Tea Cellar Extreme Bubble Tea
– Iced 2009 Vintage Sicilian Blood Orange Pu-erh (Yunan, China)

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