How’s it Growin’

Getting into the “spring” of things yesterday, we decided to make a stop by Alison’s Organic Rooftop Garden in nearby Lincoln Park to survey those long-awaited greens we knew would be shooting up there around this time.  As you can see from the pics, she had a great crop of fresh goodies for us to take home with us.  Coming into this weekend’s Sichuanese cold noodle pop-up at Dose Market, we’ve now got a fresh stash of just-harvested bok choy, tatsoi, radishes, spinach, herbs and beet greens that are sure to look and taste great in our noodle bowls.  All of it’s organic, so fresh from the earth the dirt on the roots is still moist, and as local as a phone call to your downstairs neighbor.


As you can see, Alison is a magician… or a druid or something… whichever one talks to plants and animals and stuff.   She’s the queen of the rooftop garden and we’re more than happy to reap the benefits for our guests.  Alison’s rooftop is booming and blooming right now and we’re looking forward to putting all of her hard work to good use in some tasty dishes at our upcoming events as things become available.


Looking forward into the future, we’ve also started planting for the next crop of goodies.  We’ve got plenty of fresh tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, Swiss chards and other scrumptious summer treats on the way, as well.  Being the spice freaks that we are, you know we’ve got several varieties of chilies growing, including habaneros, paper lanterns and possibly an appearance from an even spicier Indian roommate our fiery friends had back in the day in college –but no promises.  Let’s see how that plays out…  Look for this next crop to make its way into some spicy summer treats roundabouts July sometime.

Anyway, it seems like we say this for every time of the year, but right now is an exciting season for cooks and anybody with a mouth to feed with all the fresh, natural, organic goodness we can get our hands on or grow ourselves.  Get while the getting’s good.




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