For one night only, we are turning Perman Wine Selections into Txakoholika (Cho-co-holika) a Basque style Pintxos bar.

Pintxo is a Basque term used for finger foods, usually a couple bites in size to accompany your Txakoli or hard apple cider. We will be putting our own X twists on Pintxos for the evening. Octopus ala Plancha, Chorizo and Bacalao, Tetilla stuffed Pedron Peppers are sure to make appearances!

Big Perm will be serving up 5 different Txakoli and 1 Sidra. Txakoli is a wine with slight effervescence and bright acidity. In both white and rose styles Txakoli is the perfect compliment to Pintxos or for chugging pool side from a peron!

This is a great chance to experience these new vintages of Txakoli and Sidra, and to eat how the Basque do.  This could be your evening kickeroffer or it could be a light dinner.

We look forward to the Adges famous peron chug, Permans fancy pours and rocking the west loop once again!


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