Tasty Treats and Edible Beasts From A to Z (almost)

Abalone- Live in Saikung, HK

Fresh Abalone in Custard with Sweet Savory Sauce- Chengdu, Sichuan Province


Fresh Abalone with Tangerine Peel and Green Onion -Saikung HK


Blowfish “Chowder”  with Daikon and Prickly Skin – Yu Bo Family Restaurant – Chengdu


Cuttlefish-Prehistoric looking huh?




Stir-fried Cuttlefish with Garlic, Bean Paste and Cilantro



Duck Tongues with Cucumber -Yu Bo Family Restaurant – Chengdu






Paddy Eel and Pea Vermicelli swimming in Sichuan Style Broth

Frogs- Looks like they’ve been working out!

Stirfried frog with Asparagus , Wood Ear Fungus and Lotus- Lung King Heen, Four Seasons HK -3 stars Michelin Guide

Goose is Loose!

Roasted Goose at Yung Kee , HK

Hedgehog, he he! Dumpling with Black Sesame

Intestines in Intestines- Deep Fried Crispy Chewy Funky Goodness

Jowl and Snout – “Two Dollar Restaurant” Chengdu

Kidneys (pork) Bamboo Shoots and Green Chilies (Hunan Style)





Loach –A bucket o’ baby eels

Stewed Loach  with Cabbage Sichuan Pepper and Chilies (firm textured meat, soft bones- delicious) Chengdu

Mantis Shrimp

Noodles with Long Beans and Spicy Broth




Oxtail- Curried with Potato and Onion – Galo – Macau, China



Pigeon – Fried, Crisp and Juicy- Chengdu

Quail- Smoky with Five Spice – Wu Shen Temple – Chengdu


Rooster- Yu Bo Must have gotten tired of the wake up calls!

Rooster Baizai  Style – Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine

Rabbit- Homestyle with Celery Sesame and Chilies

Snake – “40 spice roasted” Zi-Fi – Chengdu

Turtles- Ready To Go!

Soft Shelled Turtle Stewed with Potatoes and Green Beans – Wonderful, slippery texture, not ” Swampy” at all

Vegetable – Gai Lan

Webs – Duck, Fresh Soy Beans Sweet Savory Sauce


Yak- Tibeten Jerky Style

Yellow Catfish with Green Chilies and Soft Noodle



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