China is the spot for Food, but Sichuan is the spot for Flavor!

This here is a collection of some of our favorite “Homestyle” dishes that we encountered in Chengdu.  We will be rifting on and recreating some of these for our upcoming dinners Comfortably Numb.

Although known for its street snacks and lavish banquet menus, Sichuan cuisine’s heart and soul lies within it’s “Homestyle” preparations.  These rich dishes are commonly found in the home or at casual restaurants.  Their flavors can include savory, salty, sweet, spicy, sour, numbing, or all of the above.


“Welcome to Chengdu” calligraphy written with water and brush at a local tea house just for us!

“Hua Jiao”  or Sichuan Peppercorns play a vital role in some Homestyle preparations.

They have a truly unique floral aroma on the nose and create a tingly or numbing sensation on the lips and tongue. We searched long and hard for the best Hua Jiao we could find, vacuum packed 2 kilos worth and smuggled them back to share.  We got some green ones too!

Sacks of the famous dried chilies that Sichuan  is notorious for.

(Front)salty  pickled chili, and (back) and Pixian chili bean paste. Two staples that are  used in a multitude of dishes including Hot Pot

Twice-cooked pork and “fish flavored” eggplant, and mapo tofu.

A Typical Homestyle Meal

Sesame Garlic Cucumbers

Stir-fried Crunchy/Soft shoestring potatoes with scallion and green chili!

Dry Fried “Ma La” Eggplant

Twice Cooked Pork with Baby Leeks

Crucian Carp  in Chili Bean Paste

Dry Fried French Beans with Pork

Pork-stuffed Eggplant with “Fish-Fragrant” Sauce


Grass Carp Stew with Pickled Mustard Greens

Dry Chili Chicken with Scallion and Hua Jiao

Salad of Fishy Chick and Fava Beans with Black Vinegar

Homestyle Tofu with Black Beans and Garlic

Braised Rabbit with Pickled “Facing Heaven” Chilies and Cilantro

Fish Fragrant Pork Slivers with Asparagus Lettuce

Hot and Spicy Duck Chins ( These have more meat than you think. They were one of the most enjoyable dishes from our trip.)


One Response to “China is the spot for Food, but Sichuan is the spot for Flavor!”
  1. When I was in college I did my study abroad in Chengdu, and this post makes me want to cry because I miss the food so much!

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