Xiao Chi

sticky rice and sesame doughnuts on a stick!

Xiao Chi or “Little eats” are a way of life here within the food culture of Chengdu. There are a multitude of these snack-y bits everywhere. Xiao Chi can be small bowls of noodles(more on that later), gooey sticky doughnuts,  grilled skewers of anything you can imagine from duck hearts to lettuce heads to lotus root, even seaweed.  A lot of them have been concentrated into “touristy” areas around parks, tea houses and temples. This is quite alright with us because we can try a number of them with out going very far.

stinky tofu! deep fried fermented tofu, pickled chilies, cilantro and sichuan peppercorn

skewered mackerel

smokey five spiced quails

we chomp right through 'dem bones! quail head=delicious!

pork and sichuan peppercorn stuffed glutinous rice balls wrapped in lotus leaf

bbq squid tentacles

pork, pickled chilies and broken rice wrapped in bamboo leaf

bbq "ma la" (hot and numbing) rabbit heads for late night drunken satiation

mung bean jelly "cake" with pickled chilies, scallion, soy, and black vinegar

salt and pepper crab

charcoal roasted white sweet potatoes and fresh water chestnuts

pan-fried mugwort and glutinous rice cake

perch and gizzards on a stiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

One Response to “Xiao Chi”
  1. suzan boatman says:

    Boy am I jealous. I love following your adventure and you’re a good writer to pass on the excitement. Can’t wait to hear more. Hope you get time to follow up, but know you’re busy learning lots. Suzan

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