PDC: A Tribute

Fronted by the “Wild Quebecoise Chef” Martin Picard, Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon is a palace of pork, a fortress of foie, a heart stopping bourbon soaked culinary dreamland.   Their “Poutine au Foie” –poutine of salty French fries, gooey cheese curds, fatty seared foie gras. topped with a creamy foie gravy- is the dish that first gained them notoriety, but their menu from top to bottom is an exercise in porky, artery clogging goodness.

"Huge Galdones/galdonesphotography.com"

"Huge Galdones/galdonesphotography.com"

Wild, generous, casual, gluttonous, boisterous –all are excellent words to describe the chef, staff and thus the restaurant itself.  From the wood burning pizza oven in which they cook all their tarts, to the heavy drinking involved with mostly every aspect of the ritual there, to the pride and energy they put into sourcing and preparing their product, PDC is truly a one of a kind gem in the industry. Those who have been there, like friend of X-marx Huge Galdones (a great supporter of PDC from his time cooking at nearby Joe Beef in Montreal) often call it the “epitome of excess.”  They tell stories about being full halfway through a meal and still gleefully forcing themselves to carry on, to savor everything available marching steadily forward into a state of euphoria.

"Huge Galdones/galdonesphotography.com"

Huge Galdones/galdonesphotography.com

For those of you reading this description of the place, or those who know of it already, it’s probably no stretch to imagine why PDC and its chef are something of a mythical force around the X-marx kitchen.  Simply stated, we absolutely love what they’ve created and what they do every day, and they have our wholehearted respect.  We’re only lucky that they’re so far away in Montreal, or we might all be in debt up to our eyeballs with credit cards maxed out on PDC guest checks.

So, in the spirit of decadence, gluttony, rich fatty goodness, collegial respect and straight-up-wine-drenched-gut-busting-face-feeding excess we’re proud to present “S’wine and Dine: A Tribute to Au Pied de Cochon.”

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