Pop Rockin’ Eats

We’ve been having a really great time poppin’ up at different locations and reinventing the wheel each time out with new spots and new menus.  Birchwood was a blast.  Pannenkoeken was more fun than it was difficult to spell.  But Lord I was born a ramblin’ man, so we’re rambling along to a new spot!  We’ve been searching far and wide, long and hard, smothered and covered even, for a new spot to bring Pop-Up to Chicago’s poppin’ party peeps and we think we’ve got it.  Meet Dodo@Dino’s!


Previously located in Ukrainian Village, Dodo opened in its new location at 954 W. Fulton Market in April 2010.  They’re currently serving up tasty lunches for meat packers and gallery workers and a weekend brunch selection including hot banana maple French toast, meaty hash with quivering sunny-side-up eggs and the exotic Okonomayaki – a Japanese-style pancake w/ carrots and cabbage, topped with Worcestershire and soy-spiked ketchup and Kewpie mayonnaise – on the weekends.  Dodo now shares a neighborhood with dining destinations and culinary gems such as The Publican, Moto and Otom.  Chef and proprietor Kim Dalton was named “Best Breakfast Chef” by Time Out Magazine in 2007.  A self-taught cook, she draws on her background growing up in an American-Asian household among other things and says, “I like cooking things that people like, but also to surprise diners with something unusual.”


We’ll be at Dodo@Dino’s the next two Saturdays, November 6th and 13th.

We’re also changing up the game some with a new menu (surprise surprise!) offering “pintxos and parfaits” to open up the new spot.  Small plates of delightful little shareable delicacies and olde-timey rich and creamy parfait goodness to keep you feeling warm and homey in the Windy City winter.  We’ll also have a couple cocktails and wines on hand to rosy up your cheeks, but still feel free to BYOB.

Dodo@Dino’s is an awesome location with a really cool staff, and we have a completely new menu, so needless to say we’re pretty pumped.  Just being surrounded by the likes of the other culinary giants in the neighborhood and all the galleries in the heart of Chicago’s meat packing industry makes for a pretty great environment, so we’re just excited to soak in that energy and turn it loose on YOU.

So, come for pintxos, stay for parfaits, drink too much wine and wake up hungover in the alley and go to Dodo@Dino’s for brunch the next morning.  We’re sayin’… that’s probably what we’re going to do too.



Gin Fizz
Classic Manhattan
Bourbon Sling
Italian Greyhound


Gran Sarao Cava Brut
Zagarron Airen
Marco Real Rosado
De Falco Falanghina (maybe)
Zagarron Tempranillo/Petit Verdot
Gaillard Syrah

Menu to Include

Korean Morcilla w/ Kimchi

Smoked King Fish w/ Roasted Pear and Date

Chorizo Takoyaki

Garlic Stuffed Olives w/ Orange Chips

Patatas Muy Bravas

Szechuan Green Beans

Hunan Style Steamed Pork Belly

Chocolate Genmai Green Tea Parfait

Caramel Peanut Butter Pretzel Parfait

Lemon Raspberry Parfait



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