All Hallows Aftermath

Now that we’re all taking down the decorations and putting the costumes away, cleaning off the last smears of the make-up and pulling the last of the spider webs from our hair, we just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that came to X-marx’s 3rd Annual All Hallows Eve Junket.  We personally have never seen a sexier group of ghouls and goblins eating, drinking, conversating and beating the crap out of a candy-filled piñata in all our days.  Keep eatin’ that candy folks.  You earned it.

This was X-marx’s biggest event maybe ever, and we hope you enjoyed the freak show.  Sarsipius the Ringleader from N’orleans,  Ava and Anya the Siamese Twins, Leroy the Lounge Lizard, Kracko the Clown and Bernice the Bearded Lady all thank you for showing up with your awesome appetites and attitudes and making this a night to remember.  We only wish we had taken more pics!  Seriously, if you have some good ones, send ‘em along and we’ll post them later.

Also, a special congratulations to our costume contest winners who got to take out their aggression on our mostly helpless piñata and will also be coming back soon for a free dinner!

On Friday night, the winners were Jason Hollembeak and Eileen Kelly as Bob Ross and the Happy Little Cloud,  and Saturday, Lauren Engel and Anthony Berceau as the Witchdoctor.

Nice work!

Some of the dishes included Carniverous Plants, inspired by Audrey from “Little Shop of Horrors”;  Shrimptopus, an abo mination of nature; What Came First?, a theory on evolution; and of course the Alien Autopsy Cake, inspired by our fearless leader’s abduction several years ago –What?   You thought we were kidding about that?

carnivourous plants: flavors of mole

shrimptopus ceviche

chap chai with chicken foot attached to scotch egg

alien autopsy "jello" cake

So,thanks again to everyone that came!  We had a blast.  We hope you had a blast.  And we can’t wait to do it again next year!


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