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photo credit: matthew kutz

photo credit: matthew kutz


As X-marx continues to grow and develop, we are constantly testing and challenging ideas, thoughts and beliefs relating to cooking, dining and cuisine. One of the reasons that we got out of the traditional restaurant format was to stray away from the isolated individual eating experience. When we brainstorm, shop, cook and create dishes for our guests we are essentially sharing a part of us. We wish to provide a window into our world, whether it’s what we like to eat, our processes, our inspirations and even our own mistakes.

At our recent pop-up dinners we have been offering ala carte service, which many of you know is not what we normally do. When not in “pop-up mode” we structure our dinner parties around specific themes and ingredients. We cook our hearts out and share these dishes with our 20 or so guests. Everyone eats at the same time and everyone eats the same thing. When the idea came about to do pop-up, we thought that it would be great to be able to give everyone a choice from a menu that…well… resembled something like a normal restaurant menu. You might be thinking, “Wait a second… isn’t that why X-marx rocks?  Because it’s not a normal partisan dining experience?!”  Well, you’re right! And we are realizing that what sets us apart is that we believe our dining experiences are about the sharing and interaction between chefs, guests, ingredients and dining companions!

This is why we are looking at hybridizing our X-Market and Pop-up formats into one Voltron-like entity of culinary destruction.

From now on, here’s what you can expect at Pop-up:

Specific menu choices to be shared between two or ten people, offering a choice of experiences instead of individual dishes. This is not unlike what we do with our newsletter. In our newsletter we provide a “menu” of dining experiences for you to choose from, whether that is “Fiery Chinatown” or “French Farm House” and you choose the one you like and let us take care of the rest.  This way you have a say in what your journey is, and we are your guide. With this new hybridized format you choose the direction you would like to go and we present the road that will take you there. This way there isn’t the decision of “Will I have the fish or the steak?” It’s more like, “Shall we have the Whole Roasted Skate Wing or the Peking Pig Head?”  Regardless of shared entrée choice, your meal will be composed of complimentary courses that proceed into the next, offering an overall shared and fluid dining experience for you and your companion(s).  You just hop on the rollercoaster and let us build the track.  This should be the best amalgamation of the interaction between chef, ingredients, diner and companions that we can present in this format, and we hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy coming up with this stuff and making it happen.

This week’s menu selections to include:

Peking Pig Bo Ssam

Whole Fried Snapper with Creole sides and accoutrements

Housemade Sausage Bar



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