Over the River and Through the Woods

Allow us to set the scene:  It’s a crisp Sunday afternoon in the fall in serene Labagh Woods.  The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing.  A bright-eyed doe dips its precious little nose into a stream to take a drink.  Birds are singing, and the changing of colors is just barely perceptible in the trees.




VROOOM!!!!  Like a bat out of hell, an Elite rent-a-van comes roaring on to the scene.  A gang of goons clad in black Dickies shirts bust out of the back, ready for a day of playing with fire, mouth-searing chilies and animal-eating action.  A bespectacled individual hauls case after case of fermented grape juice into the lone gazebo over yonder, and it’s on.


the grape man



the x crew





Honestly though, this was a great day for food and wine pairings.  Craig Perman, our favorite wine-o (check out his shop, this guy’s got a serious nose for the good stuff) came through with an awesome selection of bubbles, whites and reds to pair with the dishes.  check ’em out …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though the day was long, we returned home energized by the good food, drinks and people, still smelling of smoke from the grill.   We’d like to send out a big thank you to everyone involved, including  Craig Perman for doing his thing, Huge Galdones for all the awesome pics, our guests for showing up with their energy and their appetites, and all the critters of Labagh Woods for allowing us to turn their home into “The Spot” for a day.  And don’t worry, folks, no bugs, blades of grass or woodland creatures were harmed during the making of this meal.


*In November we will be collaborating with Perman and wine maker, Pietro Ratti and presenting an Italian Barolo Wine Maker Dinner.

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