Welcome to the X-marx blog!

So, why an X-marx blog? One of our missions when we started X-marx was to create a communal dining experience, where meals were as much about social interaction as well as damned good food.  We’ve always aimed to open up the X-marx experience to new and repeat diners, full and part-time foodies, the culinarily curious and the gastronomical gear heads.  X-marx was born to be a place to live out the old cliché of eat, drink and be merry with good food and good friends, and today we’re extending that community into a forum for stories, info, photos and open dialogue on the interwebs.

What exactly are we going to talk about here?

It will always be about X-marx, and more importantly, food.  Our shopping adventures, culinary escapades, downfalls and drunken triumphs, 4am inspirations, crazy ideas and fever dream revelations.  It will also be a place for all of you to interact with us; tell us what you liked or constructively share what you didn’t or give general feedback.  After all, it’s not a dialogue unless it goes both ways.  Overall, this should be a dynamic space for us to extend the culinary discourse we start in our kitchen to a larger audience and community and make that exchange easier and more accessible for all. And of course, we’ll keep you posted and up to date on all X-marx events, dinners, pop-ups and other assorted happenings.

So, have a look around.

Eat well,


One Response to “Welcome”
  1. Chirag Patel says:

    Thanks for setting up this blog. I strongly prefer this over the email newsletter. I use Google Reader and able to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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